Gift & Loyalty

The PayX Gift & Loyalty program allows businesses to issue and deliver gift and loyalty cards instantaneously via plastic, email or mobile wallet. The prepaid gift cards are issued with  a zero balance until the card is loaded with funds. Once loaded, all information is relayed to the point of sale. Merchants will receive robust online reporting and tracking analytics in addition to managerial override capabilities to disable or re-issue cards, view circulation reports, and manage card accounts. The PayX Gift & Loyalty program is mutually beneficial to both consumer and merchant. Consumers receive rewards and incentives for being loyal to their favorite businesses. Merchants gain control of every aspect of their loyalty programs with customer demographics, robust reporting, and direct marketing abilities. PayX offers a complete loyalty program capable of working on any iOS or Android device. Through a quick sign-up process, customers can receive notifications, redeem coupons, offers, promotions, and conduct purchases. These features provide business with the metrics to measure and generate success.